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Shooting clothes for brand KOHA

I work with Dmitry Moiseyenko not the first time. Moreover, I am sure that not the last. She made several shootings of clothes collections for her brand. I am very pleased with the result and works of Dmitry and yet, that is not unimportant, all our joint work is going on in one breath. This “magician” even more fell in love with me in my creations and gave me even more confidence in me. Dima, thank you very much! To new meetings, to new works!

Wedding photography of Olga and Alexandra

They say the word “thank you” is magic! for the wonderful photographer Dmitry Moiseenko words of gratitude express simply in lines is not enough! You know, a good photographer is when the pictures are made with a soul and real emotions! We did not make a mistake in the choice! Thank you for your professionalism!

Photographing clothes for Levchenko Lyudmila

A very talented photographer, a true master of his craft! Only Dmitry trust the shooting of my things. I recommend everyone as a very talented photographer!

Levchenko Lyudmila Anatolievna

Family photography for Julia

Many thanks for the photos! So many emotions!!! Dmitry knows his business and is able to create a relaxed atmosphere and a great mood. Dmitry is not a talent in the TALENTY of his business!!!!!
Successes to you in work and in life!